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Pearsons Driving School

25 - Jun - 2014

Malton Driving Instructor full time professional DSA qualified Top Grade [6] with 16 years experience record 1st time pass rate.


Driving Lessons in Malton and Ryedale

Malcolm Pearson is a local married man having lived in Malton and Norton all his life. He is well known in the community having worked in the entertaiment business locally for 30 years. He also works very closely with the NYCC Driver Training Team.


Malcolm Pearson has now 16 years experience as a Driving Instructor in that time he has gone from strength to strength. He works full time dedicating his individual style of instruction to suit and adapt to every driver, this has earned him a DSA top instructor grade [Top grade 6] only 6% of the countries instructors have this grade.

He has always had a very high 1st time pass rate and now since the introduction of the New style Driving test October 2010 has increased his pass rate to the highest ever. 2013 was my best year so far with more passing 1st time than the previous years. 2014 has also started off with plenty of 1st time passes too.

Malcolm is proud to teach safer driving skills for life not just enough to get them through a driving test. To many young drivers are still been hurt or killed, our aim is to promote safe driving and give them the skills to keep them safe and enjoy driving for LIFE.

Malcolm uses the latest Ford Fiesta diesel car which won best car of 2009 when launched. A new car will be here for March 2014, so all learners will drive the latest model. All drivers have said they love the car and how easy it is to drive even when reversing. It has all the latest features including Air conditioning, Dual controls.


Prices are competitive. Student discounts available. Block bookings available. Contacting Pearson's Driving School 01653694194


Contact us today, for further information, advice and bookings. 01653694194 Please leave a message should you get the answer machine and we will return your call asap.

  1. Registered DSA Instructor.TOP GRADE 6
  2. Pass Plus Registered.
  3. Air Conditioned/Dual controlled car.
  4. Quality instruction. Maltons finest
  5. Life saving driving skills
  6. Competitive rates
  7. Student Discounts.
  8. Block Bookings.
  9. Lessons from one hour.
  10. Door to Door service.
  11. foreign learners/drivers on european licences
  12. Special needs catered for. [deaf and dyslexic]
  13. Gift Vouchers valid for 12 months from date of issue
  14. Nervous drivers cared for
  15. Night driving

Foot note: Drivers can learn faster with a grade 6 Instructor therefore saving money on lessons.

Just like Ofsted for Schools and Colleges you want your son/daughter to go to the best available. DSA give the grades so you know they are getting very good quality instruction and training.

Have you already passed your driving test? Pass Plus can give you reduced insurance premiums.

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